What’s the problem

Over the last several years millions of women of color have ditched bone straight hair  in favor of embracing their natural curls. Along with this shift in beauty standards came a flood of information, images of perfectly styled curls, — veryyyy few of which looked like mine btw — and hundreds of products available. I felt like I was drowning in information. I had no idea how to take care of my natural hair to begin with and without guidance finding my way through the never ending stream of natural hair products, tools, styles, how-tos without success was a frustrating, time consuming, and expensive process.


After a few years of floundering around  — and looking a complete mess — I decided to make figuring out a regimen that would work for my hair easier. It was clear that a lot of my fellow naturals felt the same frustrations, so I figured I might help a few others along the way. Thus Trymyfab was born!

So how are we fixing this

Trymyfab’s goal is to simplify and automate natural hair care through technology. We are focused on building tools that will ease frustration, save time, and reduce the costs of building and maintaining naturally curly hair. The first tool we’re building to reach this goal is our Regimen Builder — a web app that allows members to build a unique regimen, effectively evaluate products, easily schedule shipment of regimen products, track hair goals & trends, and connect with hair care professionals.

What inspired the new Trymyfab?

Failure. Seriously though… this is the 3rd iteration of the business. And there will be  more in the future. Adapt or die is the name of the game. And if you think about it failure is only the end if you give up, if you don’t learn. That’s definitely not happening over here.


What was the failure you ask? To answer that I’ll need to take things back a bit.


Trymyfab started as a simple subscription service in 2012. We even had a pretty nice sized user base.  Every month members would receive products to to test. They’d try those products out and review them — sometimes. And that was it. Don’t get me wrong it was a great way to make a little bit of cash and help women discover new products, this model wasn’t getting me any closer to reaching my ultimate goal for the company — making going & being natural easier. In this form Trymyfab had no major impact on lives. Realizing this, I decided to pump the breaks on operations for a bit and reassess things. At the time it felt like I’d failed. There didn’t seem to be any coming back from this.


But about a year and some change later it hit me. More content, more products, wasn’t the answer, tools were. With these tools we could provide guidance and convenience and personalization to the natural hair community the same way the most successful tech companies nowadays do. The next step was to take note on how the services and apps that make my life easier do that. With this information in hand I got to work identifying areas in the natural hair journey that might also be streamlined in the same way. It took months and month’s of sketching, research, business development, building, testing, and let’s not forgot the tears,  but finally the features for the new “platform” — which we call the Regimen Builder — became a reality. We’ll be opening access up to folks very very soon, so stay tuned!

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